HAITAI POWER can provide diesel generator sets, natural gas generator sets, biogas generator sets, petroleum-associated gas generator sets, biomass gas generator sets, containerized generator sets, mobile power stations, generator set control systems and parallel system, lighting towers, biomass gasifiers, CHP unit, ,CCHP unit.


HAITAI POWER have an excellent technical team that can customize diversified power solutions for global customers based on customer needs and application scenarios, and provide stable, reliable, intelligent, and environmentally friendly generator sets and supporting power equipment.



1. Diesel Generator Set

     Global Coverage, Strong Driving Force

     8kW - 2000kW

     Open Type, Silent/Soundproof Type,

     Trailer/Mobile Type, Containerized Type,

     Smart/Intelligent Type, High Voltage etc. 


2. Gas Generator Set

      Clean Energy, High Efficiency

      5kW - 3500kW

      Natural gas, Biogas, Syngas, Coalbed

      Methane, Liquefied Petroleum Gas etc. 


3. Biomass Gasifier/Gasification

     Renewable Energy Create High Value

     100Nm3 - 3000Nm3

     Fixed Bed Gasifier, Fluidized Bed Gasifier